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UV Light Sanitiser and Wireless Charger


Because we use our phones so much t is important to keep them clean, but how can it be done safely?

It doesn't always work well to use sop and water on your device, it may damage it. And with the virus situation is all the more important to clean everyting as best we can. A very easy and roductive way t clean somthing that we simply can't throw in the sink is UV light. UV light kills bacteria and viruses and renderes them safe and clean. The UV light wil stay on for 15 minutes and clean your phone, or in fact any item you can fit under, inclduing car keys and fobs. Added to this, as mst devices these days come with built in wireless tecnology, you can also wirelessly charge your phone while the UV light cleans it. It will flly charge your phone even after turnng the UV light off. For those who don't have a Qi enables charging device, it alsi comes with a USB outlet to charge your phone easily and still use the UV light to clean all those nasty germs away.